Genophiler FAQ

What is Genophiler®?

Genophiler® is an automated software system to objectively analyze the raw electronic data associated with STR DNA testing. Genophiler® provides color-coded summary tables and reports that illustrate what evidentiary samples are consistent with the victim and/or defendent and highlight potential issues. In addition, Genophiler® organizes the testing results so that all electronic results associated with the computer analysis are accessible through an easy-to-use web page located on a CD-ROM.


How does Genophiler® work?
Genophiler® automates the process of analyzing the raw electronic data generated during the course of STR DNA testing. Genophiler® operates GeneScan® and Genotyper®, the same software programs used by the testing laboratory. In addition to providing our own electronic analysis, the testing laboratory's analysis is reproduced for comparison.


How long does it take to perform a Genophiler® analysis?
We typically perform a full Genophiler® analysis and return the results within two weeks of receiving the case materials. We are able to perform expedited reviews when necessary.


What do I do after receiving the Genophiler® results?
Simply call our office and schedule an appointment to discuss your case. We will provide as much time as needed to ensure your full understanding of the DNA testing performed in your case.


Does Genophiler® require a Daubert hearing?
No. Genophiler® does not perform any novel analysis of the electronic DNA sample files. Genophiler® simply operates GeneScan® and Genotyper® and organizes the results. GeneScan® and Genotyper® are widely-used software programs that have been accepted by the courts.


Is it appropriate to use an RFU threshold that differs from the testing laboratory?
All low-level peaks must be interpreted with caution, especially those less than 150 RFUs. However, it is possible for signal to exist below 150 RFUs that comes from amplified DNA product. We typically analyze our cases with a 50 RFU threshold. In addition, we have validated and published an approach to determine the run-specific RFU threshold needed to distingish signal from background noise: J. Gilder, T. Doom, K. Inman, and D. Krane. "Run-specific limits of detection and quantitation for STR-based DNA testing." Journal of Forensic Sciences. January 2007.


How do I interpret the Genophiler® color-coded summary table?
Peak labels colored red are consistent with the victim, peaks colored blue are consistent with the defendant, peaks colored green are consistent with both the victim and defendant, and peaks colored black are not consistent with the victim or the defendant. 

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