Guiding Principles

We are deeply committed to the principle of making known the truth about scientific evidence: how it is generated, what it means and the way that it is interpreted. More information is always better than less. It will always be a priority for Forensic Bioinformatics, Inc. to make our reviews as understandable and clear as is possible. In other words, we will "cast light into the black box of forensic analyses."


The many hundreds of thousands of criminal and civil court cases each year are extremely adversarial proceedings. Scientific evidence is one of the few elements of a trial that is expected to be completely objective and give a clear insight into the truth. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of pressure on scientific experts and testing laboratories to become biased and to become advocates themselves - both for the prosecution and for the defense. There is a great need for truly objective review and presentation of scientific evidence. It is the purpose of Forensic Bioinformatic Services, Inc. to provide efficient, timely, accurate and comprehensive reviews so that experts and attorneys are better able to make the truth known.


Forensic Bioinformatics, Inc. has just two missions:


  • To review the DNA evidence in as many cases as is possible with the intent of finding and drawing attention to recurring problems so that the testing continues to become better and more reliable, and
  • To provide services in a fashion that allows us to provide a high-quality service both now and in the future. 


Our reviews and the other services we provide will always be critical and hold testing laboratories to high standards. However, we will not take personal interestin the outcome of a case or modify our work product to better suit one side or another for any case in which our services are retained.

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