"I have used Genophiler and the services of Forensic Bioinformatics on a number of cases. One case was an extremely complex case with 5 defendants and 10 alleged victims. Forensic Bioinformatics used Genophiler to analyze all of the Profiler Plus results done by the prosecution. Their work product was invaluable in helping me sort through all of these testing results so that I could quickly analyze each case and identify important issues as to each defendant and each victim." 

Robert Blasier: a Harvard Law School graduate with over 31 years of experience. He has worked on the cases involving OJ Simpson, Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), Free Love Ministries (cult), Paul Mack (Peppermill murder), Jamie Lynne Stone (Daycare infant homocide), Thomas (Michele Montoya murder), Tyler Williams (Synagogue arson), and many other high-profile cases. 

"This meeting offers a unique opportunity for lawyers, academics and scientists from both inside crime labs as well as outside to discuss science in the courtroom issues that should be important to all of us, as well as the community at large. No other conference offers the opportunity to share experiences and information in a non-adversarial setting where learning is the primary goal of the endeavor." 

Jennifer Friedman: Deputy Public Defender and Forensic Science Coordinator with the Los Angeles Public Defender's Office. She is also the founder and former head of the Los Angeles County Innocence Project. 

"The annual meetings hosted by Forensic Bioinformatic Services have been invaluable in exposing me to the problems and solutions associated with the best methods to analyze and present DNA evidence in the courtroom. They provide a great opportunity for improving forensic science everywhere." 

Dr. William Shields: Professor of Biology at the State University of New York, Syracuse. Dr. Shields has become one of the most easily recognized experts in the field of DNA profiling. 

"The Bioinformatics Seminar is the only DNA seminar in the country that brings together the forensic and legal worlds; police crime lab analyst, private lab analyst, molecular biologist, population geneticist, statistician, prosecutor, and defense attorney. While designed for those with advanced DNA knowledge, the seminar also provides information to one new to DNA testing." 

Cindy Dryden: attorney with the Missouri Public Defender's Office. She has litigated numerous criminal trials that have hinged upon forensic DNA profiling and has been a leader of attorney-training programs pertaining to scientific evidence throughout the Midwest. 

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed attending your 3rd Annual Conference on DNA. The information presented was invaluable to me as a criminal defense attorney. While there was a tremendous amount of material covered in the three days, I found it all to be of interest and very well communicated. The expert presenters, from the many areas involved in forensic DNA were all excellent. As a relative tyro in the area of forensic DNA, and certainly not a scientist, I found that I understood, at least on a basic level, all of the topics discussed. 

The social events were equally valuable to me. To be in a situation where I could speak at length with so many DNA, scientific, statistical and legal luminaries one-to-one was extraordinarily helpful. 

You and your staff, particularly Carrie Rowland and Jason Gilder, deserve great credit for organizing such an event. As one who is involved in organizing MCLE conferences and seminars, I know how difficult such a task can be. Your three-day event was flawless. 

On a different note, I also wish to thank you and your staff for the excellent work Forensic Bioinformatics did for me in my recent homicide case. The Genophiler interpretation of the 40-plus samples involved in that case made my job so much easier. Using Genophiler also saves the court money as the countless hours that would be required for manually reviewing such a case by an attorney and expert is reduced substantially. I would not hesitate to recommend to any attorney to have their electronic data processed through Genophiler; in fact, I have done so several times already. Beyond the computer magic of Genophiler, the personal consulting I received through you and your staff was also invaluable. Please feel free to give my name and contact information to anyone who may request a reference for your services. 

I look forward to working again with you on my future DNA cases as well as attending the 4th Annual Conference." 

Randall Dickow: attorney from Bakersfield, CA who deals with many cases involving DNA evidence. 

"I contacted your firm because I was defending a high profile case here in Cleveland (Shakira Johnson murder) and was unhappy with the firm I originally retained. They were unhelpful and uninformative. I had to pull teeth to get them to teach me about DNA. In fact, they ended up testifying for the prosecution (Speckin Forensic Laboratory in Okemos Michigan).

As a result, I contacted you guys and it was like night and day. After an hour-long conversation with Carrie Rowland teaching me all about DNA and e-grams, I knew I had a greater understanding of DNA than I had received in the previous six months. The information was simple, clear and easily understood.

Dan Krane's testimony was just as easily understood by court observers and the jurors, especially contrasted with the person from Speckin. Dr. Krane far outshined him and better explained and simplified the complicated field of DNA.

Every attorney should be consulted by Forensic Bioinformatics if their case involves DNA evidence. After a consultation with this group it will become crystal clear that DNA evidence is not as simple as saying: "It's a match." There are issues of probabilities, contamination, equipment failure and DNA transfer. All of these issues need to be explored thoroughly before accepting the results as competent and Forensic Bioinformatics is the firm to assist attorneys in this field."

Brett Mancino: attorney from Cleveland, OH. 

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