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Forensic DNA Links

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Forensic Bioinformatics

ABO Genetics

ABO Frequencies

About DNA english

Absence of Association and Linkage

American Society of Human Genetics

Ancient DNA Homepage

B-DNA Model

Basics of DNA Fingerprinting

BioFind - Biotechnology Resource Center

Biolinks: Search Engine for Scientists

Biological Sequence Databases

Biology Project: Mendelian Genetics

Biology Project: Molecular Biology

BioTech Life Science Dictionary

Brenner's DNA Statistical Info

Bruce Weir Interview

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Canadian Profiler & Cofiler Raw Data

Cell Online

Clontech's Links to Other Sites

CMS-MBR Protein Sequence Databases

CMS-SDSC Molecular Biology Resource

Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science

Cooperative Human Linkage Center

Critique of work done by Dr. Bruce Budowle

Databases at Agellon (lots)

Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone

Dictionary of Cell Biology

Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations in the Engeneering & Medical/Life Sciences

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DMT Profile

DNA Advisory Board Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA

DNA and Forensic Science

DNA databank publications: DH Kaye

DNA: Databases

DNA Forensic Expert Witnesses and Consultants

DNA Graphics Created with PovChem

DNA Learning Center (multimedia) 

DNA-o-gram Generator

DNA  Protocols

DNA Profile Probability

DNA Resource

DNA sampling variation

DNA Structure

DNA Testing: An Introduction for Non-Scientists

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Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence

Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence Genetics at ORNL

Evolution of Quality Standards for Forensic DNA Analyses in the United States

Examiner Bias in Forensic RFLP Analysis

ExPASy Molecular Biology Server

Forensic Bioinformatics

FBI Core STR Loci

Forensic Mathematics

GenePrintTM STR Systems (Silver Stain Detection)

Genetic Code (5' - 3')

Genetic Identity Symposium Proceedings

Genetics Education Center

Genetics Resource Center

Genetics terms

Genome Database

Genome Research

Genomic and Genetic Resources on the World Wide Web

Glossary of Genetic Terms

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Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Simulation

Hardy-Weinberg Proof

Hopkins Bio-Informatics Home Page

Human Genome Resources- Homo sapiens


Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms

Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding

Japanese Genome Center for DNA

Jerry C. Lyell - Forensic DNA Homage

Journal of Cell Science

Journal of Statistics Education Homepage

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Kidd Lab Population Page

Lark Technologies, Inc.

MendelWeb Homepage 97.1

Mitochondrial: About Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA Concordance

Mitochondrial Genome Database

Mitochondrial References, The Biglist

MITOMAP: A human mitochondrial genome database

Molecular Dynamics Home Page

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery

Molecular Genetics Jump Station

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National Biological Information Infrastructure

National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence (proceedings) (Go Thoma!)

National Forensic Science Technology Center

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

NIH VideoCasting: Past Events

PBMRT - Bio/Chemical Journals and Newsletters

PCR Jump Station

PCR Project

PCR-related Protocols

PCR Protocols and Reference Guides (downloadable)

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools

Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)

Profiler Plus InformationProfilerPlus Random Match Probability Calculator

Promega Homepage (Order Promega Notes free)

Promega - Taq Patent News (Promega trashes Perkin-Elmer)

PSRGN Genetics Links

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Recombinant DNA Chapter Directory

Reference Listing regarding STRs and DNA Typing


Scientific Theory to Investigative Tool

Scientific Working Groups FBI Web Site (was the TWGs)

Scientific Working Group for DNA

Search-It-All: DNA Database Search

Sequence and Structure Searching Site

Stanford Human Genome Center

Statistics Every Writer Should Know


STR - Background information

STR frequencies

STRlab - Forensic DNA samples and Profiles Database

STR Survey

SWGs: Forensic Science Communications (Table of Contents, July 1999)

Use of DNA in Identification, a Talk w/ Eric Lander

What Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Know About DNA

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