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Accidental or Incendiary (Amazon)

by Richard D. Fitch, Edward A. Porter
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: June 1997

Advances in Analysis and Detection of Explosives:
Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on
Analysis and Detection of Explosives, September (Amazon)

by Jehuda Yinon (Editor)
Published by Kluwer Academic Pub
Publication date: April 1993

Book News, Inc., 11/01/93: This volume includes the latest developments in the analysis and detection of explosives as presented at the 4th International Symposium on Analysis and Detection of Explosives, held in Jerusalem, September 1992. It covers all aspects of explosives and explosive residue analysis and detection, fundamental studies, applications, developments and evaluation of instrumentation and methods, and improvements of established techniques. The volume is divided into five sections: analysis of explosive residues, analytical methods, energetic materials and mass spectrometry, explosive detection, and vapor generators. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Analysis of Explosives (Amazon)

by Jehuda Yinon
Published by Pergamon Press
Publication date: August 1981

Applications of Signal and Image Processing in
Explosives Detection Systems (Amazon)
(Proceedings of S P I E, Vol 1824)
by James M. Connelly, Shium. Cheung (Editor)
Published by Springer Verlag
Publication date: November 1992

Applied Police and Fire Photography (Amazon)
by Raymond P. Siljander, Darin D. Fredrickson
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: March 1997

Blaze: The Forensics of Fire (Amazon)
by Nicholas Faith
Published by St. Martin's Press
Publication date: August 2000

From Library Journal: In this new work, journalist and television writer Faith looks at fire and arson investigators as well as their investigations. Drawing on both research and a series of interviews he conducted, he chronicles how fires are investigated and examines such large fires as the one that consumed Las Vegas's MGM Grand Hotel in 1980, killing 84 people and injuring 679. Unfortunately, Faith's tendency to include lengthy quotations from interviews and other sources make this short work very difficult to read. It is extremely disjointed and could have used tighter editing. Worst of all, he has taken a topic of great possible interest and made it very dull reading. Recommended only where there is considerable interest in the topic.AWilfred Drew, SUNY at Morrisville Lib. Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Bomb Squad Officer:
Expert With Explosives (Amazon)
(Risky Business)
by Keith Elliot Greenberg, Carol Halebian (Illustrator)
Library Binding
Published by Blackbirch Marketing
Publication date: October 1995

From the Publisher: Meet Sergeant Timothy Hajj of the Newark, New Jersey, Police Department. He'll show you how bomb squad officers are trained to deal with explosives and how they protect themselves and the public from injury. You'll learn about the various kinds of bombs and how they are identified. After your visit, you'll truly appreciate the work Sergeant Hajj and other officers do. They put their lives on the line to prevent us from being harmed.

Many people in our world face the unique demands of special careers. Some work at jobs that protect us and our families from danger. Others have learned skills needed to provide a special service or perform in a special way. The Risky Business series gives you an up-close-and-personal profile of people who do things most of us would never dream of doing. As you read about them, you'll find out what worries them and what excites them about their jobs. You'll also learn how each person trained to become an expert in his or her field.

Combating Arson-For-Profit:
Advanced Techniques for Investigators (Amazon)
by David J. Icove, Vernon B. Wherry, J. David Schroeder
2 Ed
Published by Battelle Pr
Publication date: June 1997

Book description: Combating Arson-for-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators is a practical, step-by-step, how-to arson investigator's guide. It provides a model for structuring investigations with emphasis on planning, coordination, and scrupulous attention to records and details. The authors tell how to conduct an investigation and how to collect and handle documentary evidence. They discuss advanced investigative techniques including flow-charting, link analysis, and computer-assisted investigations.

Combating Arson-for-Profit describes how to prepare and present a case when the investigation is completed and includes Anatomy of an Arson-for-Profit Investigation, a fictionalized case based on an actual federal prosecution. The book also includes a companion computer disk with forms, illustrations, and investigative flowchart.

This second edition is a complete update, providing the scope and detail of information required to further the expertise of any individual or group conducting arson-for-profit investigations. Combating Arson-for-Profit will be useful to: Fire and arson investigators Fire science and criminal justice instructors Prosecutors, defense counsels, and judicial officials involved in arson investigations Insurance investigators.

Detection of Explosives for Commerical Aviation Security (Amazon)
Published by Natl Academy Press
Publication date: May 1993

Electrical Fire Analysis (Amazon)
by Robert A. Yereance
2nd Edition Hardcover
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Publication date: March 1997

Engineering Analysis of Fires and Explosions (Amazon)
by Randall K. Noon
Hardcover, 277 pages
Published by CRC Pr
Publication date: March 1,1995

Fire Cause Determination/350336 (Amazon)
by Ifsta Committee
1st Edition Paperback
Published by Intl Fire Service Training Assn
Publication date: June 1982

Fires and Human Behaviour (Amazon)
by David Canter
2nd Ed Hardcover
Published by David Fulton Pub
Publication date: June 1990

Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (Amazon)
by David J. Icove, John D. DeHaan
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: August 2003

Book Description, EY BENEFIT: Fire scene reconstruction is based primarily upon physical evidence of burn patterns on the remnants of structures and vehicles. This book details the need to include physical evidence of pre- and post-fire human activities. This resource describes a completely new approach for reconstructing fire scenes that blends the principles of fire protection with forensic and behavioral science. It details: Identifiable fire pattern damage, Human factors, Physical forensic evidence of human activity, and Application of the scientific method based upon relevant scientific principles and research. Appropriate for fire and law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and fire protection professionals.

From the back cover, authored by two of the United States’ most experienced fire scientists, this book illustrates a totally new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes. The approach applies the principles of fire protection engineering along with forensic and behavioral science and uses actual fire cases to illustrate the concepts presented within the book. These examples shed a new insight into the forensic science, fire engineering, and human factor issues. Intended for use by fire and law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and fire protection professionals, features include:

  • Real world examples that are uniformly illustrated, using the guidelines from NFPA 921–Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.
  • Self-study questions that help demonstrate and reinforce the principles discussed in each chapter.
  • A “paint by numbers” approach to interpreting fire scenes to determine the origin of the fire.
  • An entire chapter devoted to exploring the new technologies that are helping to improve fire investigation now and into the future.

  • The Investigation of Motor Vehicle Fires (Amazon)
    by Lee S. Cole
    2nd Edition Paperback
    Published by Lee Books
    Publication date: June 1985

    Kirk's Fire Investigation (Amazon)
    by Paul Leland Kirk, John D. Dehaan
    5th Edition Hardcover
    Published by Prentice Hall
    Publication date: January 2002

    Book News, Inc., Students in fire investigation are the audience for this text, which covers various types of fires: structure, wildland, automobile, fabric, and chemical. Topics are presented in logical order from simple chemistry and physics to scene analysis and complex case analysis. Special topics such as arson are also examined. This fifth edition contains updated material on legal citations, and expanded coverage of the new generation of petroleum products, post-flashover patterns of damage, misuse of post-fire indicators, and documentation. Some 60 pages of reference appendices include sample forms and agreements. The author is a fellow of the American Board of Criminalistics (Fire Debris). Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

    Modern Methods and Applications in Analysis of Explosives(Amazon)
    by Jehuda Yinon, Shmuel Zitrin
    Published by John Wiley & Sons
    Publication date: June 1993

    Book News, Inc., 11/01/93: For chemists in analytical and forensic laboratories, or graduate students in the field, explains the latest methods of analyzing explosives, and how those methods can be applied in law enforcement, aviation security, and environmental protection. Includes explosive compounds and mixtures, chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods, the analysis of explosives residues, environmental analysis, and the detection of hidden explosives. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

    NFPA 921 (Amazon)
    Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations:
    2004 Edition
    Published by Natl Fire Protection Assn
    Publication date: December 2003

    Brent's notes: You absolutely must have this text if you are an arson investigator. It is the most current investigative standard for the field. If you are an arson investigator and you ever get on the stand, you will eat this book. I kid you not. Lawyers lay awake nights thinking of this thing and how to use it against you, so know it thoroughly.

    At the 1997 Arnold Markle Symposium, the topic this year being Fatal Fire/Arson Investigation, Joseph Tuscano, Arson and Fraud Director of the American Re-Insurance Company, again re-emphasized the necessity of being thoroughly aware of this text and it's contents if you are an arson investigator, as did others. His comments, as always, were timely, and pragmatic. He also mentioned that if you didn't avail yourself to NFPA 921 in an studious fashion, that opposing counsel would likely avail it's contents to one of a number of your available orifices. Examples were given and slides were shown.

    Practical Fire and Arson Investigation (Amazon)
    by David R. Redsicker, John J. O'Connor
    2nd Edition Hardcover
    Published by CRC Pr
    Publication date: October 1996

    Brent's note: This is the CRC book on arson investigation. It is the second arson investigators bible. Get to know it intimately. The first arson investigatiors bible, however, is NFPA 95 (see above). If you don't know the whole of NFPA 95, and you get a witness stand as an arson investigator, it's a defense attorneys dream come true.

    The publisher, CRC Press, 08/12/96: Revised, updated, and expanded new edition. PRACTICAL FIRE AND ARSON INVESTIGATION, Second Edition presents specific details on the basic principles and advanced applied techniques for conducting a thorough fire and arson investigation.


    * Over 175 pages of new information

    * More than 50 new photographs and tables

    * Provides an extensive section on how to pack materials properly for analysis by law enforcement agencies

    * Contains the latest information and research on identifying and analyzing bloodstain evidence found at fire scenes

    * Addresses the National Fire Protection Association Standards 921 and 1033, the recognized standards in the industry

    * Discusses important legal aspects of subrogation in negligence and product liability cases -- Who is responsible?

    Principles of Fire Behavior(Amazon)
    by James G. Quintiere
    Published by Thomson Delmar Learning
    Publication date: August 1997

    Book Description, Inc., This book covers the four forms of fire: diffusion flames, smoldering, spontaneous combustion, and premixed flames. Using a quantitative approach, it presents an ideal introduction to the scientific principles behind fire behavior. Individual sections thoroughly discuss such vital issues as heat transfer, ignition, flame spread, fire plumes, heat flux as a damage variable, and more. Formulas help the student examine fire from a quantitative standpoint. While explaining the science of fire with a precision found nowhere else, the text applies that science to fire safety design and investigation. An excellent book for courses in fire science, architecture, and engineering alike. (Keywords: Firefighting) ALSO AVAILABLE INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Instructor's Guide, ISBN: 0-8273-7733-9




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